HZ Grease canopy with ozone cleaning


​​The HZ Grease canopy with ozone cleaning combines effective grease removal with stylish design to thoroughly clean your kitchen exhaust air stream and remove excess heat from the kitchen.
In addition to mechanically separating grease with our highly efficient HFK grease filters, this canopy also includes an integrated ozonator and smart control system to further reduce grease and odor. Ozone treatment is simply chemical oxidation, whereby grease and odor are broken down to water vapor and dry minerals, thereby providing many advantages.

Learn about the benefits of ETS NORD’s integratedozone cleaning technology in this video.

Materiale AISI 304
Højde 400, 550, 400/550
Længde 1000, 1100, …, 2400, 2500
Dybde 900, 1000, …, 1900, 2000