HKZ Ozonator canopy

HKZ ozonator canopy is a combination of effective grease removal and stylish design. The canopy is equipped with an integrated ozonator and a smart control system, that guarantee efficient and reliable cleaning for kitchen exhaust air. The canopy extracts impurities and excess heat from the kitchen, while removing grease from exhaust air with ozone treatment. Ozone treatment ensures that grease and odor problems in the exhaust duct are substantially decreased, resulting in a smaller fire risk and happy neighbors.

Type HKZ – Kitchen hood, 1 module in width
HKZ 2 – Kitchen hood, 2 modules in width
Length L 600-2900 (increment 100 mm)
Width B HKZ-1=900-1800 (increment 100 mm)
HKZ-2=1800-3600 (increment 100 mm)
Height 400, 550
Material AISI 304, surface finish 2K
LED Lighting LED770 – L=769, 20W
LED1370 – L=1369, 37W
LED1670 – L=1669, 53W
Front panel
SPx0 – only „Turbo Grip” air intake system
SPx1 (1x perforation density)
SPx2 (2x perforation density)
SPx3 (3x perforation density)
SPxK – side perforation


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