ETS NORD started manufacturing new high hygiene kitchen ventilation equipment

– 25.02.2020

ETS NORD opened a new building of its Tallinn plant yesterday, which will be using the technology which is one of its kind in the Nordic countries for the development and production of innovative kitchen ventilation equipment that will ensure a much cleaner, high hygiene environment in restaurants and catering kitchens.

ETS NORD has been developing the production of kitchen hoods and kitchen ventilation equipment, in addition to other ventilation systems in its portfolio, since 2005. The new building of the plant on Peterburi tee Street in Tallinn was constructed with a view to ensuring that the technical quality of ETS NORD’s products conforms with the word’s top standards and providing its customers with fifth-generation technology, the most advanced available. While the company has been selling approximately 800 kitchen hoods per year to restaurants and catering kitchens in Estonia and abroad so far, it aspires to increase the figure to 5000 within the next five years. Its main goal lies in using the new technology to enter new markets in Central Europe, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, etc.

Urmas Hiie, chair of the board of ETS NORD AS: “Hygiene is a top priority in catering kitchens, restaurants, and other places where food is cooked so that different bacteria would not multiply and find their way into people’s bodies. Otherwise such viruses as the ones currently causing tragedy and panic all over the world can start spreading.

The so-called fifth-generation kitchen hoods developed by our plant feature a special welded design which contributes to minimising the number of gaps and corners where bacteria tend to accumulate in joining the parts. Creating surfaces as smooth and enclosed as possible, which are easy to clean and make it difficult for bacteria to start multiplying, is our primary goal.”

The new plant building provides ETS NORD with the facilities and resources for increasing its production output by 20–25% annually for the next five years. The full capacity of the plant is expected to be reached within four years, and the goal for the next five years is to increase the company’ turnover to 125 million euros.

Timo Olesk, product development manager at ETS NORD AS: “We have now reached the stage where the implementation of the new welding technology has entered the home straight. We will have started supplying new generation kitchen hoods at full capacity in the second quarter.

In addition to the design of a new type, we continue using the ozone generator which is extremely efficient at removing smells and bacteria as well as reducing the risk of fire in the systems. The use of the ozoniser allows energy to be saved: as energy from the warm air exhausted from the kitchen is transferred to the cooler fresh air taken in from outside in the ventilation system, the need to additionally heat the air becomes much lower.”

The most significant innovation of the new facility is its state-of-the-art equipment, which is unique on a scale of the Nordic countries: there is, for example, a laser robotic welding line, a CNC panel bending machine, a last generation automatic powder coating line, a polyurethane seal vulcanisation line, and a line for the production of water to air calorifiers. The total investment in the machinery of the plant amounted to four million euros. The total planned cost of the development project for the production of new-generation food industry ventilation equipment is 1.3 million euros, and 35% of the investment will be financed by Enterprise Estonia within the enterprise development programme.

The new building has added 6300 m2 to the facility’s previously existing area of 14,000 m2. Through the development and production of the new technology, ETS NORD will create 50 new jobs of high added valued.

Established in 1998, ETS NORD AS is a privately held Estonian public limited company. The company’s main line of business is the production and sales of ventilation equipment and accessories. Lengthy experience and reliable partners contributed to the enterprise creating a foundation for sustainable product development. In addition to the plant in Tallinn, the company has expanded production to Finland, where round and square ducts as well as fittings have been produced since 2009. The branch in Sweden was opened in 2015, and the one in Denmark, in 2018. In August 2018, the company signed a contract with Recair Oy, a Finnish enterprise, for purchasing its ventilation equipment plant; the employees of Recair Oy in Vantaa as well as production organisation and RECAIR trademark were transferred under the management of ETS NORD. Today, ETS NORD group employs nearly 350 people.

See the video from opening party HERE